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“Eventing is a high risk sport and

anything that can improve safety

in or out of the saddle is of huge

benefit. The MDIRF give excellent

safety tips from experienced riders

who really understand”

Gemma Tattersall

Here are a few of our top safety tips to help you keep safe around your horses and don’t forget you can also watch our celebrity videos for more tips.

  • Don’t rush. Take your time tacking up, handling or schooling. Rushing your horse and yourself can lead to tension and mistakes so choose the simple option if time is tight.
  • Have your helmet fitted by a qualified hat fitter & ensure that it is up to the correct standard for your event or discipline.
  • Always wear a safety helmet when handling, leading or riding and if you drop it or have a fall. Replace rather than regret, as damage is not always visible. It could save your life.
  • Have regular lessons and improve your own fitness, so you not only feel more confident but have better core strength and reaction time.
  • Body protectors need to fit correctly to work effectively, so get expert advice.
  • Don’t push your own body or your horses beyond their capabilities. Being unfit and tired can affect you both physically and mentally.

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