Pass slow and wide – the campaign needs your support

We are supporting this excellent campaign organised by Debbie Smith. Here is her story:

I started this petition and campaign back in September 2015 because I was fed up with the dangers horse riders face on the roads. We have as much right to be on a pubic highway as anyone else, we get verbal abuse, beeping of horns and revving of engines, cars speeding pass so close our stirrups get hit. We need protection and legal support.
The support I have had has been fantastic, I then got joined by Christine and John brindle who have helped me enormously by support and John making the pass wide and slow dvd which has got thousands of views on the internet, it is also included in my petition.
Christine and I have been to meet the transport Minister who has been supportive of our campaign and has promised action regarding a think horse campaign and also supporting us with enforcing the use of video evidence that it must be acted up on and not ignored by the police. He was shocked when he learnt of the abuse we have to put up with. This was an informative meeting with thanks from my local MP Dereck Thomas who has supported this campaign throughout from the start, who contacted me after for a meeting with me after I emailed the petition to him and offering me a meeting which was great, since then it has got over 87,000 signatures to this date.
I have support of two companies who are now offering part of their takings from their products sold on our group to raise money for the campaign, cannot thank them enough.
We need to change the law to make it a legal requirement to have to slow and pass a horse wide and abide our hand signals to stop and slow, to reinforce this we need to be riding with head cameras to gather the evidence to give to the police, as it stands at the moment action can only be taken if we can prove careless driving but by that time it is generally to late and th accident between the car , horse and rider has already happened, we need to be able to ask a car to stop to prevent a accident happening , if caught on camera they will get fined, charged. The statistics of accidents and deaths has risen highly in the last 10 years, this needs to decline, we need respect from drivers to help save lives. Please join pass wide and slow and help support our campaign and sign our petition .

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