We’ve teamed up with some famous equestrian faces to ask you to join in with the #mdirfsummeroflove campaign to raise money for the valuable work we do here. You can see their videos below.

We’re encouraging equestrians to help us raise funds over the summer months so we can help riders just like you have been unfortunately injured riding or around horses. Together we can make a difference.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Love talking about your horse? How about a sponsored ‘horse talk’ silence for a day or a week (If you dare!) talking to anyone outside of the yard about your horse is banned! This will be a challenge but worth it as we think you will raise lots of money!!

Sell all your old bits and bobs! We are all guilty of hoarding horsey stuff so how about selling it on Ebay or going to an equestrian boot sale. Summer is the ideal time for a real clear out and dig out those ‘Don’t use but may use’ stuff you know ‘you will never use’ items and sell them on to support your fellow riders in need.

How about a quiz night at your yard? Gather the troops and head down the pub for a drink and charge an entry fee from everyone. Whoever wins, gets a prize of having their tack cleaned by each person attending, so the more people involved from the yard, the more incentive to win – now, that is certainly a prize worth winning

Take the great British bake-off to a whole new level with a cake sale at your local riding club’s next event. Ask members to donate a cake, and raise funds in a delicious way for us!

Inspired? We hope so and don’t forget to hashtag #mdirfsummeroflove and share with us how you are helping to raise money – we’d love to hear about it!