Welcome to our Christmas Inspiration page!

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This year we have changed the way we produce our cards to open up a whole wealth of possibilities for YOU, as well as giving you the opportunity to create your own, truly unique, greetings cards.

With our minimum order of only 1 pack (10 cards) we’re sure you’ll find something special to inspire you this year.

So what can you do this year?

We will still be offering standard pre-printed cards with a default greeting to write in your own message but in response to your requests you can now choose selected cards from our extensive back catalogue of cards from previous years in addition to our new selection. You’re sure to find one you like from only £6.25 per pack of 10 PLUS we still offer FREE DELIVERY on ALL CARD ORDERS.

OR you can buy a standard pre-printed card and customise all or part of your order for cards from various priced options available. For example,

Change the default greeting and add your own contact details on page 3 of your card

Add a photo to the page 3 of the card, change the greeting and add any extra information you want

Add a photo to page 2 of your card. Change the default greeting and add more text content on page 3

For a truly unique card you can use your own image on the front…

First purchase your special packs of blank cards then choose your options. All your packs will be printed to the same layout. These unique cards are available from only £7.50 per pack of 10 PLUS we still offer FREE DELIVERY on ALL CARD ORDERS

Upload an image for the front of your card in pdf or jpeg format. You can use a cartoon, design, photo or just about anything you want. Then add your greeting and any additional text for pages 2 and 3.

You can optionally add another photo or design for the inside as well instead of just text. It’s your card so you can have it just the way you want it.

Need some help creating your card?

It’s easy to create a design for your card using various methods.

Using a smartphone camera or digital camera: Make sure your camera settings are set to give a good image size (usually anything above 4 Megapixels) and the image format is set to 4:3 which is a rectangular shape (not the wide screen setting) Take your photo to suit the shape of your card (Landscape or Portrait). Make sure you are happy with the quality of your photo as we can only reproduce the photo you have supplied. Upload the jpeg for your card when ordering.

If you want to do a design/cartoon etc in a graphic design programme or in Word etc. Create your design then save the file as a pdf file (suitable for professional print or printing) and upload the pdf file when ordering.

If you’ve created a freehand drawing which you want to use either scan the image (if you have a scanner) or just take a photo of it and upload the jpeg during ordering.

If you’re not sure about anything contact us using the form in the sidebar of this page and we’ll be glad to help or click on this link to go to our shop