Welcome to our Christmas Business page.

Do you send Christmas Cards to any of your customers? Read on to find out why we think you should consider this as an option this year.


Customers are inundated with emails

Your electronic greeting or best wishes scroll off the inbox within minutes of being read (IF they’re even read) Gone – forgotten in the wave of Christmas selling messages. Customers like to know you appreciate them but they also know email is free and easy so there is a high probability that they are just being sent the same email greeting as everybody else on your email list which doesn’t make them feel special. Don’t forget that you may only be able to email your Christmas Greetings to those who have consented under GDPR anyway. We suggest you save the email for your Christmas offers and discounts because there’s a better solution.

Christmas Cards work in a different way.

opening envelope

They’re more personal and the act of just opening a personally addressed envelope adds to the appeal of a printed card. Whether hand delivered or mailed through the post, the effect is the same. What happens next? It’s usually put on display with all the other cards to show our popularity! But in the midst of all those greetings cards which ones stand out? The Christmas scenes, the Religious, the Humerous: – It depends on personal taste, and as our visitors arrive and admire the cards, very few will dare look inside to see who sent it.

The message that lasts

If you send a greeting card on the 1st December, it’s likely your card will be on display for at LEAST 24 days. What else can give you that sort of exposure? Compare that with seconds in an inbox to see what good value greetings cards really are.

Inside or outside?

So if you’re a business looking to remind customers who you are and what you do, where is best? – inside the card so that the recipient will probably be the only one to read it, or on the outside of the card where every visitor will see it on display reaching people who may become your future customers.

The Answer

the answer

The answer is – BOTH! With our truly unique cards you can print on both sides. A suitable image/cartoon/design on the outside that connects with your business and a greeting on the inside. Optionally you can add another photo or design on the inside, maybe a staff photo? It’s up to you.

Ok so now you’re convinced, why not go down to your local printer and ask him to produce some cards for you? Well because if you do that, you miss out on a vitally important part of Christmas – Charity.

People like businesses who support Charities

When buying your cards from the fund, our logo and details are printed on the back page showing you are supporting our charity. Your customers will not only appreciate that you care about them personally but that you are also contributing to a very worthwhile charity.

Need some help creating your card?

It’s easy to create a design for your card using various methods.

Using a smartphone camera or digital camera: Make sure your camera settings are set to give a good image size (usually anything above 4 Megapixels) and the image format is set to 4:3 which is a rectangular shape (not the wide screen setting) Take your photo to suit the shape of your card (Landscape or Portrait). Make sure you are happy with the quality of your photo as we can only reproduce the photo you have supplied. Upload the jpeg for your card when ordering.

If you want to do a design/cartoon etc in a graphic design programme or in Word etc. Create your design then save the file as a pdf file (suitable for professional print or printing) and upload the pdf file when ordering. If you are using a graphic designer or agency just ask them to prepare a press ready pdf to PDF/X-1a:2001: and they’ll understand!

If you’ve created a freehand drawing which you want to use either scan the image (if you have a scanner) or just take a photo of it and upload the jpeg during ordering.

If you’re not sure about anything contact us using the form in the sidebar of this page and we’ll be glad to help.