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Holly’s story

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Gosh look at these incredible pictures of poor Holly who had a dreadful accident. Luckily she was wearing a correct standard hat and is ok. Here’s her story:

I’ve been riding horses all my life, both for work and hobby, riding a wideholly 3 variety of horses and ponies in all different disciplines. I used to occasionally jump on without a riding hat and never though anything of it, until now! On Sunday I was competing at Essex and Suffolks Team Chase, riding the same horse I jumped round there clear on last year. We got as far as jump no. 16 before I came crashing off! Jack misjudged his stride and barely even took off. Both front legs hit the jump resulting in him somersaulting over it and some how landing on my head! His weight completely crushed my riding hat. Obviously I wasn’t allowed to continue (much to my annoyance!!) and was taken off in an ambulance. Apart from concussion (which to be fair is pretty much a given if a 600kg horse lands on your head!) I walked away completely unscathed (apart from possible broken nose and few grazes/bruises) It doesn’t even bare thinking about what state my head would have been in had I not been wearing a *correct standard hat. Please when riding horses WEAR A HAT.

*Please check www.beta-uk.org for up to date safety  information including hat standards. If you need any advice please call Rosemary Lang on 07710 788364.


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By Alex Nicholls - 15 December 2015 Reply

Dear Holly, I am so pleased and delighted that you are fine, after your accident. I broke my neck (first vertebrae) at the end of June. I am also fine now. I always wore a hard hat (NOT an old one but an up to date one!!!) and a body protector. I am so thrilled for you that you are 100% fine now. I am sure that the horse is also fine. I used to do Endurance and went out also with the West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds. Fabulous times!!! I now live in Brittany, France. Please, everyone, always wear an up to date riding hat (Not some old manky thing!!!!). Your Life is worth a great deal – much more than the cost of a good riding hat! Always wear high viz too! On your horse and on yourself. Love from, Alex x x x x

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