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it could save you or your horse's life

high viz clothing gives car drivers an extra 3 seconds to see us!

On Tuesday 15th February, I experienced every horse owner’s worst nightmare and my beautiful horse and I were involved in a horrific road accident.  We were riding along the road towards the next village and were only 5 minutes from home when we met an artic lorry on a blind bend.  My mare froze in fright and then spun round and slipped on the road and we both hit the lorry.  I was thrown clear but the lorry went over my mare’s hind leg and it snapped instantly.

So many people came to help and the vet was there within 10-15 minutes.  My beautiful girl went into shock very quickly and stood as quiet as a lamb.  I managed to hold it together quite well as my main concern was for my horse and I even spoke to the lorry driver who was devastated.

I cannot begin to tell you how I have felt every day since the accident.  Sometimes it seems like a bad dream and I wake up thinking that she’ll call to me when she hears my foot on the gate when I go to feed and muck out in the morning. When you read this, you will be upset and think ‘ I hope this doesn’t happen to me’ but unfortunately these things do happen to us ordinary unsuspecting Horse owners and riders.  To prevent anyone else having to go through any similar harrowing ordeal, please could everyone who rides on any road make sure they wear their Hi-Vis Gear.  It gives Car drivers an extra 3 seconds to see us.  Also a SMILE and a THANK YOU to car drivers who slow down for us will encourage them to slow down the next time they meet a horse and rider.

I know how lucky I am to be here and just want to try and prevent any accident between horse and vehicles on any scale from happening.  Hi- Vis gear may not be very flattering, but like a seat belt, it could save you or your horse’s life. Thank you for reading my story.

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